Michael McConkey provides consulting and educational services, addressing human psychological and behavioural disposition, to business clients concerned with better understanding how to interface with various kinds of publics and markets.

Upon request, he also offers educational seminars on evolutionary psychodynamic theory.


He has taught and published in a wide range of relevant disciplines: communications theory; organizational studies; evolutionary cognition; evolutionary psychology and psychodynamic theory. His forthcoming book, Not for the Common Good: Evolution and Human Communication, is available in an early galley edition for interested readers, upon email request.

  • Ph.D. from McGill University, Communication Studies.
  • 12 years as university professor.
  • Three years as lead researcher at the Institute of Public Administration of Canada
  • Co-founder of Lacan Salon (with Hilda Fernandez).
  • Co-founder of the Vancouver Sociobiology Study Group (with David Clark).

CONTACT —  TEL: 778-836-0624        EMAIL: director@michaelmcconkey.com