Three University Free Speech Reforms

I started this blog and indeed this website with the intention of staying clear of politics and focusing on the scholarship. In an amazingly short period of time, however, our current situation has deteriorated remarkably. A scientific illiterate has taken over in the White House and a shrill, knee jerk, overreaction from the opposition has […]

Confusing Gender

This little piece attempts to weave together two different arguments. One is about how we likely evolved sexed pronouns for good evolutionary fitness enhancing reasons and the other is about a concerted strategy to advance a political ideology through exploiting most people’s ignorance about the relationship between grammatical gender and sexed pronouns. For those interested, […]

Religion and Evolution, Let’s Try Again

Evolutionary theory in general, and evolutionary psychology in particular, have tended to align with the modern movement often referred to as the new atheists and humanists. Indeed, the prominence of those such as Dawkins and Dennett encourages a lumping of the two together. This isn’t quite fair. The new atheists are after all activists for […]