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Scholarly Papers
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White Papers
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Here is a small sampling of my work

Anarchy, Sovereignty, and
the State of Exception

Processes and Prospects for Municipal Alternative Service Delivery

Paul Piccone as Libertarian?

Thinking Regulation: A Roadmap to the Recent Periodical Literature

Dreaming of the Regulatory Village; Speaking of the Regulatory State

Why We Should Stop Using the Term ‘Gender’

I’m Michael, a Ghostwriter in Vancouver, BC

With a Ph.D. in Communications (from McGill University), twelve years as a university professor, three as publications editor at a prestigious think tank (Institute of Public Administration of Canada), and over five as a ghost writer, Michael has numerous edited and written publications to his name.

He specializes in scholarly and research-based writing: e.g., essays, journal and magazine articles, policy statements and analyses, literature reviews, and White Papers.

My Approach

Original Content

Never worry about your material showing up somewhere else or originating from somewhere else, I create YOUR project from scratch.

Research, Research & more Research

Whatever the subject matter I will always provide you a product you can be proud of. I won’t present it as complete until I feel it’s the best work I can provide.

No Job TOO big or TOO small

Whether you need a 500 word blog post on widgets or a 50,000 word dissertation on cutting edge innovations in regulatory governance. I will provide you with a quality product at a fair price.

Michael McConkey PhD

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